• Dreamer Series: This is a four books series which follows childhood friends with Afro-Caribbean roots who grew up together in New York City as they fall in love and go after their dreams.

Book 1, American Dreamer: Nesto a Dominican Afro-Caribbean Food-Truck Chef moves to Ithaca, NY to take one last shot at making his business a success. As he works toward his dream, he also falls in love with Jude, a sharp-tongued librarian with dreams of his own.

This book contains mouth watering descriptions of Afro-Caribbean burritos, food trucks, book trucks and a very nosy Dominican mom.

Book 2, An Untitled Pseudo Fairy Tale set in NYC: Camilo is a prickly Cuban-Jamaican social worker in New York City, who dreams of being swept off his feet. He finds his prince charming in Thomas, a swoon worthy Dominican millionaire with an adorable kid.

This book contains chicken and waffles, Central Park Zoo sea lions, very steamy moments, and also Beyonce.

The two remaining books in the series are planned and in the works.

  • Finding Joy: Is a contemporary M/M novella set in Ethiopia.

American relief worker Desta Joy Walker reluctantly arrives in Ethiopia on his thirtieth birthday. He’s looking to heal a broken heart and to make peace with the place where his father died. When Desta meets Elias Fikru, the driver who will be taking him all around the country, he realizes this place may have a lot more to offer than he expected. As he falls for Elias and for the beauty and mystery of Ethiopia, he realizes finding his own happiness may be worth the cost of breaking his mother’s heart.

Elias Fikru is almost out of time. He has three months to make a decision that could change his life. He’s just not ready to leave his homeland. When Elias meets Desta, he begins to want things that he never envisioned for himself. Driving around the castles of Gondar and the Simien Mountains, he rediscovers his country through Desta’s eyes. Elias feel emboldened to fight for his future. But when his family discovers his secret, the happiness that seemed finally within his grasp, begins to slip away.

  • Gotham Exiles Club: Is a three book Rom-Com series think, One Day At A Time meets Friends (but with A LOT of Latinx people).

A group of native New Yorkers who have recently relocated to Dallas for different reasons, meet through an online MeetUp event. The GEC follows them as they fall in love, build bonds, and learn to love their new Southern hometown.