Domestic Violence in Romance: Write the Story Survivors Deserve

Duration: 1hr-90 minutes
Description: After this workshop attendants will have ave an understanding of what is intimate partner violence, and learn what are some inaccurate (and potentially harmful) myths about IPV for all couples. They will learn how to responsibly write survivor stories that are informed, respectful and foster hope. Learn some tools used by domestic violence advocates that would help craft a viable Happily Ever After.

Sexual Violence In Romance: Power, Consent and Healing from Trauma

Duration: 1hr-90 minutes
Description: In this workshop participants will learn about the impacts of sexual violence, how to write informed and respectful survivor stories that foster hope and attend to healing. They will also learn the impacts of sexual violence and how we can work to write survivor stories that are informed, respectful, and foster hope.

Writing The Diaspora: Create Diverse Characters with History and Depth

Duration 90 minutes
Description: In this workshop participants will gain insight and tools to better research and render diverse characters in their stories. We will talk about what kinds of stories are appropriate to tell, and how to develop those characters in a way that honors their story.

Writing Trauma Survivors: Understanding Your Character's Experience

Duration: 3 hours.
Description: In this workshop authors will understand what trauma is and how it can impact a life. They will learn about the different types of trauma, and the how childhood experience can shape a person's life. Participants will also learn about trauma reactions, reminders and how they manifest in the body as well as impact thoughts and behaviors.
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